Our Company – Who we are today

"We are good at what we do
– our many years of professional experience and expertise together with our personal approach continue to be key factors in our company."

It is an understatement to say that finding good staff can be difficult. We believe that only a combination of internal and external methods can help any company move towards a successful future. Continue with the link below to see exactly how Hartkopf & CIE as an external consultant helps to achieve success for our clients.

Our Skill Set

We are committed to giving back to every client tenfold with our utmost professionalism. We can guarantee flexible approaches for every individual client.

What Professionalism means to us:

  • Listening to our clients
  • Making time for our clients
  • Open communication
  • Understanding
  • Creating concepts
  • Using modern methods
  • Finding solutions
  • Intensive consulting

How we give back tenfold:

  • Personal approach
  • Continual support from either of Hartkopf & CIE's Chief Executives
  • Utmost confidentiality
  • Professional approach
  • Variety of premium contacts along with more than two decades of experience
  • National and International alignment

Talk to us!

Contact us and tell us what you need. We are at your service.