Potential Analysis & Aptitude Diagnostics

Our versatile set of tools helps to assess applicants and employees. Thus we are able to ensure successful personnel decisions as the risk of hiring inappropriately placed employees is substantially minimized. On this basis we,

  • Understand which applicants, whether internal or external, can be considered top potential employees.
  • Before cost intensive personnel development, clarify which employees are still eligible to further their skill sets.
  • Identify suitable employees for important projects.
  • Identify employees with significant potential at an early age and encourage them through systematic promotions.
  • Before changing company tactics, analyze the potential of the employees first.
  • Before takeovers or mergers, assess the human capital objectively.

Through the use of the JOBFIDENCE® method and a motivation analysis as well as specific simulation tasks, we can create a comprehensive profile of a candidate, in this way; we will identify their potential, their motivation, and their reactions in active relevant situations. This knowledge is expressed and documented by our client in the form of a detailed report. This includes our recommendations, specific guidance and suggestions on the employability of the candidate in the company.

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