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Job Descriptions

Often there are obstacles that stand in the way of success. Within companies we sometimes observe unnecessary duplication, discarded process steps or training deficiencies, incorrect placements to name just a few.

There needs to be a solution. We believe process mapping in the form of process visualization is first and foremost. In many cases, this visualization process results in a slimming down of the company.

By means of targeted analysis of the respective main activities, redundant sequences can be quickly filtered out.

In addition to the original process optimization, we also specialize in computer-based process optimization.


The concept of an ‘organization’ is as old as the assembling of people working for a specific goal. Whether it is the construction of a pyramid or the military defence of their country, a rational organization always leads the path to success.

We help you achieve this success with your employees. Through a targeted organization check, we can quickly and efficiently evaluate your current organizational structure.

Our consultant team then determines which organizational structure is best for your company.

In addition to large steps such as reorganizing its structure, a company can take smaller steps such as introducing a company-wide organization manual, changing delegated responsibilities or implementing a functional specification document.

Structural Deficits

Structural and performance deficits can be characterized in three ways:

  1. The executive falls short on one or more of their responsibilities.
  2. The executive is surpassed by a third party in the exercise of one or more executive responsibilities and is thus rendered ineffective.
  3. The executive only exercises their role with a subset of the employees.

Through a targeted survey these shortcomings can be quickly identified and remedied.

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