Supervisory and Advisory Bodies

Supervisory and advisory bodies participate in important functions in every development phase of a company, such as:

  • Statutory (supervisory or administrative board),
  • Voluntarily (advisory board)
  • Temporarily (consultant appointed for temporary operations)

These bodies have a considerable impact on the company’s business and thus its economic success.

Prior to establishing such a body, important questions need to be answered:

  • 1. What are their specific tasks?
  • 2. How many people are needed in which roles and for how long?
  • 3. What personal and professional background is required?
  • Etc.

We personally advise companies through this very sensitive topic by selecting highly qualified and experienced members for the respective board.

For over two decades we have been consistently gaining interdisciplinary international consulting experience. By using this experience in combination with our purposeful approach we are able to build a network of numerous decision-makers from various industries, politics and group purchasing organizations.

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