Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

  • What is the success rate of HARTKOPF & CIE?

    Our projects over the past 25 years have always shown a success rate of over 80%.

  • How does HARTKOPF & CIE assure success?

    Not only are we equipped with a wide variety of experiences in the consultant business world, but we also depend on our natural wit and tact for every project.

  • Are there any guarantees?

    During an Executive Search project if a client finds that the hired candidate is no longer the right fit within the probation period we are obliged to continue another search free of charge.

  • Does HARTKOPF & CIE really know our industry?

    Our competence encompasses a wide variety of industries. If there is a chance that we are unfamiliar with your specific industry, we would be more than happy to hire one of our trusted partners which are equipped with the necessary knowledge of your industry.

  • Does the person I’m looking for really exist?

    Yes! There is always the ideal candidate, they just have to be found. Through our thorough search tactics crossed with many other methods, we will undoubtedly find them.

  • How do I know HARTKOPF & CIE understands me/my company?

    We always take our time to fully understand your wishes and requirements. Our work commands a high level of tact and simply, a good sense of judgement. It is essential for us to fully understand your corporate culture, the market environment and the general situation.

  • Who/what guarantees us the success?

    We believe that the success is built on the foundation of trust, trust in our Executives and in HARTKOPF & CIE as an organization. Aside from our standard methods in the search for candidates we also rely on the scientifically proven method of Potential Analysis.

  • What happens if our ‘perfect’ candidate backs out just before signing the contract?

    We want you to know that at HARTKOPF & CIE we only consider your project to be finished when your candidate signs the contract.

  • How long does HARTKOPF & CIE work on my project?

    Our projects extend beyond just the recruitment process. We are genuinely invested in your project through the integration phase of your candidate and if requested, we are also there for consultation afterwards.

  • Is HARTKOPF & CIE fully able to explain my/my company’s culture and goals to the possible candidates in a comprehensible way?

    Our longstanding customer relationships have enabled us to gain a deep understanding of the culture and the entrepreneurial objectives of many different companies and their Executives. In this way we are able to completely represent the company’s objectives thus we in turn have the ability to help the candidates fully understand your company.

  • How does compensation work?

    Before we start your project, you receive a comprehensive range of our services. During an Executive Search project, for example, a flat rate is agreed upon which covers all consultancy services. This includes: all search methods, the organization of the recruitment process, detailed reports, the practice of Potential Analysis and Aptitude Diagnostics tests, as well as a full documentation of the entire project.

  • Who am I dealing with at HARTKOPF & CIE?

    We strongly believe that each project should be overlooked by one of our Chief Executives here at HARTKOPF & CIE.

  • Can I expect that HARTKOPF & CIE goes further than simply filling the position(s)?

    We truly understand the services required to give full consultation to all of our clients for any kind of project. This means we go through many thorough searches in order to find the ‘perfect’ candidate. You will receive a case-related consultation, combined with the preparation of the relevant personnel market aiming for a successful outcome. Filling the position is just the cherry on top of the ice cream.

  • What does HARTKOPF & CIE do for me after finishing my project?

    We make sure to keep in touch with all of our clients on a consistent and regular basis in order to be informed of the continual success of your project. We believe that long-term successful consulting leads to satisfaction not only for you, but also for us. If requested, we also reach out to the recruited candidates to learn of their experience and feedback.

  • Do I have customer protection?

    Yes of course! We absolutely ensure each and every client customer protection.

  • What does an initial meeting cost with HARTKOPF & CIE?

    Generally the initial meeting is complimentary, as it really only helps both parties understand the requirements of the potential consultation.

  • Does HARTKOPF & CIE deal with clients outside of Germany?

    Currently the percentage of European projects is approximately 25%. Because we are a part of the international network ISN™ we are more than capable to successfully conduct various searches and other counselling outside of Germany.

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